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Keeping Up With The Biz

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Right now I’m, I guess what you can call, between projects. There’s always something to do, sure, but my team has kicked off a few projects and we’re ahead of some others being fully defined. So what do I do?

There are a bunch of web sites I visit on a daily basis, but I hit them up first thing in the morning before I start my day. Those sites are:

  • – for ad industry news
  • – for ad industry news
  • – for ad industry news
  • – for behind-the-scenes ad industry news
  • – for ad industry news across the pond
  • – to get a sense for what’s happening on the Internet
  • – to see what my favorite teams are up to (and to see what advertiser took over the home page)
  • – to connect with my friends
  • – for digital industry news
  • – to see what advertiser bought the home page
  • – for my digital industry news
  • – to see what products and things are heating up
  • – to see what advertiser bought the home page
  • – to see what advertiser bought the home page and to see what the hottest videos are today

In all, while I’m drinking my coffee and opening up my email inbox, I open 13 to 15 different sites. I catch up on stuff for the 2 hours that I’m here before the rest of the team gets in. But that’s my morning. During the day, if there isn’t much to do I wind up hitting the same sites over and over and getting bored because the content doest refresh as much.

What other sites out there would you suggest I add to my list? Which would you suggest I remove?

Happy Birthday To Me!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

So today is my 35th birthday.Three. Five.I’m the same age Jerry Maguire was when he wrote his “mission statement” (remember it wasn’t a memo). Should I stand up today, make a huge scene on the basketball court in the middle of my agency (I work at Chiat\Day), and exclaim that the fish have more loyalty than anyone in the building?Nah. I’m going to go through my day and bask in the glory that is 35 years old. I figure here are the benefits of this age, both personally and professionally.Professional benefits

  • Closer to the age where considering me for Group Account Director positions isn’t outrageous.
  • Still young enough that to achieve a position like a GAD is an accomplishment and “ahead of schedule”
  • Seen as an experienced Account person in the eyes of my clients
  • My earning power is that much higher

Personal benefits

Do I feel differently? Not really. The only age in my last 10+ birthdays that affected my thinking was when I turned 30. Oh man is there a story around that birthday. Ugh. Anyway, I expect 40 to play on my brain a little bit, but overall 35 isn’t much different than 34 was or that I expect 36 will be.I’m 35 years old and today is the first day of the rest of my life.