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2010 Comes To An End

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

It’s almost done. And what started out as a year full of excitement around creating a Super Bowl spot and great mobile app for one client, turned into a very strange, humbling, surreal, and “full circle” kind of year for me and my career.

The year took me from Los Angeles to New York City, or home as it were.

In between those two points, January 1st celebrating the new year at the Viceroy with Monica in Santa Monica, and today at my desk here on Park Ave. there’s been a lot of turns. I went to Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, back to Seattle, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff Arizona, Roswell New Mexico, Dallas Texas, Little Rock Arkansas, Memphis Tenn., Nashville Tenn., Miami Florida, Boston MA, Denver Colorado, and Atlanta Georgia.

This year was a wild ride. I solidified a few friendships, made some new ones, met and dated a few new people, and all in all learned a lot about myself in 2010.

What do I want from 2011? I want that travel list to include many places outside the United States. I want to continue meeting new people and making new friends. I want, more than anything, to keep and grow the friends I have made over the years.

It wouldn’t be a 2010/2011 post without a list of some sort, right? So here goes… this is what I want to accomplish in 2011…

  1. At least 3 trips to Europe
  2. At least 2 trips to California (1 to SF and 1 to LA) to see friends and enjoy those two cities
  3. Spend more time with the family, especially my parents
  4. Less beer, more wine
  5. Continue to kill it at work
  6. Give to charity, find a few that I believe in and give to them
  7. Get that movie script started
  8. Invest my time wisely… more relationships and people
  9. Continue doing what I do well, not sweating the small stuff
  10. Connect with my nephew more, he needs my help
  11. Get more out of NYC, culturally, and conversely, get out of NYC more
  12. Read at LEAST 1 book a month
  13. Of course I’ll put the obligatory gym-3-times-a-week-thing in here
  14. Be inspirational
  15. Be less of a cynic (in NYC this actually more difficult than you might think)
  16. Really make an effort to write more often. This blog and my half-assed attempt to make it something interesting needs much more of an effort from me. 2011 will see that effort.
  17. ——–
  18. ——–
  19. ——–
  20. ——–

I’m actually leaving those last few blank for now. I’m sure that there will be stuff to add later. So that’s that. I’ve made my list. Let’s see what I write come December 2011 when I look back at this list. I really hope to write something along the lines of “I had a little more beer than I’d like, but overall, I got it all done.”